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Our Mission

Twitter is a platform lined with gold for any business looking to acquire new customers. You just need to know where and ‘how’ to look!

Building a customer database takes time, energy and effort. It’s an ongoing marathon, not a sprint and there are no silver-bullets to quickly win this race.

While it’s great to have an audience on Twitter
i.e. followers, this really is second prize.

In building a business, real value comes from owning the end customer. By this we mean you own the customer details in your CRM.

What is TwittPilot?

TwittPilot is a suite of online tools that allows you to acquire, engage, clean and convert Twitter users near-automatically, quickly and easily.

We have developed a system for acquiring the most relevant users to you on Twitter … and it works … really well! The system has worked so well in fact, that we are building ‘TwittPilot’ as a dedicated product so that everyone can take advantages of our learnings using the tools we are creating.

The platform interface is beautiful and the user-experience will keep you coming back to perform your daily routines allowing you to quickly grow your customer database and see immediate results.

Alpha tested by a hundred select users...

See below how TwittPilot helps daily

Tess Stewart

Blu Sky

20 minutes a day & web traffic grew 5,000%

We have been trialing TwittPilot for 3 months and gained over 8,000 genuine new Twitter followers.
Over 1,000 signed-up for our email newsletter & 75% of our website traffic now comes from Twitter using TwittPilot.
The software is quick and easy to use and I couldn't do my job without it now!

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